Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dixinary [Part Two]

I cannot believe I forgot to put some of these words in my first dixinary!

BTWW: (bee-tee-dub-dub) abrv. the phrase: by the way way. Tracey made the mistake of saying the normal "BTW" (bee-tee-dub) as "BTWW" (bee-tee-dubs), henceforth creating the phrase "by the way way."

deport: (dee-PORT) v. another word for deploy or tour of duty, when a person in the military serves time overseas. Matt was never the same after he got back from being deported.

disturbation: (dis-ter-BAY-shun) n. an emotion, the act or state of being disturbed. I can't say this book drew any emotion out of me other than disturbation.

p'jay-jay's: (puh-JAY-jays) n. the clothing one sleeps in, pajamas, pj's, jim jams. Dora felt embarrassed when she was at a sleepover because she forgot to bring her p'jay-jay's.

touzers: (TOO-zerz) n. a visitation to a beer brewery. Billy Bob was so excited to take a touzer of the Budweiser factory and couldn't wait to get his free sample.

I will have more words to come! Most of these were created in SC because Tracey and I's mouths move faster than our brains. But I really just made this post for the word "disturbation" so I could link back to it from my other blog...the end

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