Monday, January 23, 2012

Thank God for my Parents

In all my years, I never thought I would say those words. This month and last month have definitely been the hardest on me financially. There have been more unexpected expenses in the last two months that have just drained me of everything I have. I owe my parents so much now and I am so thankful for them. Especially my dad (definitely NEVER thought I would say those words). Thank you God for the father you have given me. As most of you know, I've been struggling with God for...most of my life. More so after I went to Huntington. Huntington was the worst thing that could ever happen with my relationship with God and for the past two years, I am ashamed to say that He was nearly absent in my life. Well, this year, as a bit of a resolution, I decided that I need to get back to Him. I started out small with prayers throughout the day and I tried a different approach with praise instead of just "Hello...I'm walking to class and talking to You at the same time..." And it worked. For the first two weeks of class I felt better and things were going well until Doubt came in. I started thinking that God is only helping me for now and that soon it'll go back to the way it was where I'm ignored. And as soon as that happened, everything started going wrong. I got angry, reclusive, and stressed. But last night I got that song stuck in my head that goes "I will cast all of my cares upon You..." I don't really know the rest of the song, but I tried it as hard as it was to do it. Trust is so hard, but I have what I need now. I just really hope that this one resolution is one that I stick to...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pink Bullets and Billy Mays

My finger keeps hitting the caps lock button and my other finger keeps hitting the semi-colon instead of the letter "l" and it's kind of annoying. Anyway, I have about 5 minutes before I need to head to class. I don't entirely remember what classroom number it is, but I'll figure it out. I am so happy that I don't have to work until Friday. I want some days to do nothing...except I won't be able to do that because I'll have homework. So just a random thought, I hate statistics. I don't understand it and we haven't even gotten into the numbers part yet. But I shall have to finish this post later so I can get my shoes and coat on and head to class...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012: When the World Ends Before It Begins

So I know this post is about 12 days to late to really be talking about the new year, but I haven't really had the urge to write until today. And it's not so much an urge as it is a you-should-write-because-you-haven't-in-a-while. Well, here I am writing. I should be comic-ing, I know. I actually had one drawn up, but I seem to have misplaced my markers and haven't had the funds to buy new ones. It sounds REALLY lame, but I was $200 short on paying rent let alone bills last month and this month will probably turn out similar. They've been cutting everyone's hours at work and it's really hurting me. I won't be able to buy books this semester. And of course it's the semester that I actually need to have the books unlike last semester where the teachers said we needed to get the books, but we really didn't. I don't know what to do. There are a lot of things I need to get for the house and myself also, but I don't know how that's going to happen. I just got gas today too...I hate money and the need for money. I should be getting to bed soon.