Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Bigfoot a Day Keeps the Lonelies Away

One of these days I'm going to be rich and famous and everyone is going to want to get my autograph as they stand in line at a Barnes & Nobel for my book signing. But until that day comes, I'm going to be posting random little sketches here and there for illustrations in my current book idea. I'm not going to lie, I have tried to write books in the past. All have failed (obviously) and gone unfinished for countless years. So this time I'm going to start small. Recently I have decided that I want to "find myself" and actually make up my mind on what I want to do for the rest of my life. To start that I had to actually accept myself for who I really am. It's taken a long time (and by long time I mean about 20 years or so) to be able to accept the fact that I am an artist. I love to create things. I love making things, doodling things, pushing random notes on an out-of-tune piano, writing things, critiquing things, making stupid parody songs. As a child and throughout my life I've made comics. Small strips of stupid characters that never amounted to things. I've done Garfield comics, stick figure comics, a comic about smiley faces named Yucko Bucko and Wacko Jacko, that one comic with the island mimes, Buttwad (my favorite although it was a group thing), and this blog. My graphic arts teacher in high school told me that I should become a comic artist because being a female in the comic artist world was a big feat and there needed to be more of them. That of course was said before he saw my horrific photoshop skills and didn't start to hate me for constantly talking in class and distracting other students. But along side my comic making, I also attempted to write books. Not too long ago I was reading through my 5th grade diary (what a nightmare that was) and found a few entries talking about two books that I had tried to write. Then I remembered that I had tried to write another and another and so many others that I had forgotten about. And I've had a college professor (for a writing class I might add) tell me that I'm a pretty good writer. So then I got to thinking: If I like to draw comics and doodles and make little characters...and I like to write books and stories, why not just combine them into a children's book? It's short and it's simple. It can't be too difficult to finish because I'm starting small and working my way up eventually. I have an idea that I'm working with. I have all the characters and their names and a simple plot/storyline. But I don't have much of anything for the writing part and I'm somewhat struggling with character design. I have two (possibly three) for sure-sures on characters, but there others...I'm at a complete loss. I'm really hoping that this isn't another one of those projects that falls by the wayside. But if it is, then you guys can just enjoy my doodles here and I'll weep endlessly over my lack of actually finishing something. That sentence made no sense and I don't care. But before I keep rambling on and on about it I'm going to post the drawings of my two characters.

These lil guys are set in stone for how I want them to look. Busby is the main character and Sabina is a friend/neighbor of his. If you can't tell, my characters are mostly cryptids. I think I am going to make Busby's eyes a little bit smaller and yes, I purposefully made their left nostrils bigger. Eh...I might as well show you guys my maybe character...
This is Terrance. He's a tree octopus. And somehow I made him look like Stewie which was NOT intentional. I want him to be deep south-esque with the facial hair being his tentacles. You know, since the tentacles technically surround the mouth for real-real on an octopus. But he looks funny and I don't know if this is how I want him to look. That's why I didn't color him. Also, I don't know what color I would even make him. But he's up here nonetheless. I have two more characters to make. One of them I'm completely at a loss in trying to make. I CAN'T FREAKING DRAW BIRDS!!! And the other, I'm torn between two designs. But whatever I guess. I'm gonna go though cuz I'm hungry and I need to wash my work clothes. Deuces. 

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