Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ummm...What? I Am Seriously Confused

Okay...so I have not looked this up or done any research on the subject, but I am sick and tired of all these images (if they can be called images) all over the social networking sites saying that marijuana causes cancer cells to freeze and keeps them from reproducing. A cancer cell is just a mutated cell. It's not all that different from a normal cell. If marijuana causes cancer cells to freeze and keep from reproducing, wouldn't it do the same thing to a normal healthy cell? I am seriously asking. I don't want to sound like an over-opinionated fool trying to sound smart and stop the legalization of marijuana (although I am against it). I don't know...I just think it sounds like a terrible argument. Actually, I think most of the arguments for the benefits of marijuana sound terrible. "It's not addictive like alcohol is!" Well, yes it is. People can be addicted to anything...I've see My Strange Addiction. "It's better for you than alcohol!" That may be, but it still doesn't make it good for you. "You can't overdose on it!" Well, you can technically, but you can seriously harm yourself and/or others while you're high as balls just like with any drug. "I just do it to relax!" There are more constructive ways to relax. Take a hot bath, read a book, play a game of solitaire. And I'm sorry (not really), but when the highlight of your day is the fact that you made pot brownies, you have a serious problem and I feel bad for you. It's sad really and kind of pathetic. And if this posts offends any users out there...get over it. I don't give a flying fuck. (Yes, I seriously just wrote that). And that would be the end of my rant. Good day.

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